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LAMP for Windows IT


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Approximate Completion Time: 3 days

Student has 2 years from purchase to earn a certificate

Train your employees in how to run a server with WordPress with modern, Open Source technology on Ubuntu. We cover how to setup Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, or LAMP for short.

This course is intended for experienced Windows IT users or advanced users with some Unix experience. We will cover how to use Ubuntu Linux's graphical interface, as well as the command line.

  • How to install software on Ubuntu, including LAMP
  • The Linux permission system and how to use it to secure your system
  • Setting up Apache, the world's most popular web server
  • Basic setup of MySQL, one of the world's most popular databases
  • Common ways to secure Apache
  • Setting up and configuring PHP, the program (and language) that runs WordPress
  • Setting up WordPress and debugging common issues

Beginning Ubuntu Linux for Windows Users is not required for this course. This is a more advanced course that assumes a system administration background of Windows or Unix IT.

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