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Who am I?

John Wyatt

Bachelor's of Science & Engineering at University of California, Merced

Certified MongoDB Professional

5+ Years of Chef experience

4+ Years of Ruby on Rails experience

3+ Years of JavaScript experience (1+ year of React)

15+ years of experience with Linux

I have several years of Chef, JavaScript, and Rails experience in the IT, eCommercers, and government sectors.

I fell in love with Ruby and Rails in 2013, and Chef in 2014. It is exciting the flexibility Ruby gives you and you can write Chef recipes in Ruby to automate your business processes. The ecosystem and the people are wonderful!

Open Source is my passion. I started my business to provide high quality training courses for my favorite open source operating system: Linux. My goal is to teach how to use this wonderful operating system to it's fullest potential. My first course to start is a premium automation course that can save you hours (or paying hours in salary for employees) in your business so you have more time for family and friends.

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Founded & Operated in Redondo Beach, California